WW84 + Microsoft:
Hunt for Wonder


Everyone loves the ’80s. It was an era defined by excess. Outrageous fashion. Neon. And MTV. But there was a dark side too. In Wonder Woman 1984, the world is in danger from greed-fueled destruction. And Wonder Woman must turn the technology used for power and corruption into a solution for the greater good. 

This power dynamic in the film presented an ideal partnership for Microsoft. Microsoft believes technology should be more than a passive tool. With the right hands and guidance, technology can be harnessed as a superpower for good. 

Our campaign partnered with Warner Brothers and the Smithsonian to inspire the next generation of coders and creators to use technology and solve challenges with it and make the world a better place.

Let the hunt begin  -

We expanded the film’s universe and called for fans to help Wonder Woman recover her missing sword and shield. We tested their valor and technical know-how to unlock codewords hidden across the internet. Over two weeks, we released cryptic posts on social channels that drove to Wonder Woman-themed online experiences. Each challenge requires different skills like codebreaking, HTML, and advanced search functions to progress and move the mystery forward.

Sample challenge: The sacred file —

For the first challenge of the hunt, we posted a glitched image, and told our audience that there could be something critical to the mission embedded inside. With a few helpful clues, we prompted our audience to download the image to their desktop for further investigation.

The solution —

To solve the challenge, our fans had to edit the file extension from ".jpg" to ".html". When the image is converted to .html and opened in a browser, it revealed a secret digital dossier. The dossier detailed a secret government project to find supernatural objects linked to gods and goddesses and included the codeword to complete the mission.


Sample challenge: For your ears only —

Our second challenge featured a binary sequence posted on Microsoft social channels. We challenged our audience to figure out what it means. When decoded, a phone number for Black Gold International customer service is revealed.

The solution —

By plugging the code into a binary converter on the web, the user is presented with a series of numbers and letters (8883MXLORD), which upon clever thinking, is revealed to be a phone number. When the number is called, the user is greeted by a cryptic message that contains the secret codeword. 


A sampling of other clues —

Mission Hub —

The more puzzles solved and skill learned, the more they earned. Completing each challenge unlocked a new tier of prizes at the mission hub that Wonder Woman fans would love.

But more importantly, the campaign celebrated what’s possible when curious minds meet incredible technology and showed the next generation of coders and creators that their passion has the power to save the world.


Project: Microsoft + WW84 Partnserhip
Agency: CMD
Role: Creative Director
Art Director: Kendall Birch
Writer: Paul Nocchie

© 2023 Jim Wagstaff