Cheetah vs Showtyme

Wearable sports tracking technology is a crowded space, but LaceClips has an opportunity to stand out with its unique way of capturing activity.

For this campaign, we moved beyond generic, tech-centric language and moved toward a more dynamic, insightful story about pushing the limits of performance with a friendly spirit of competition.


When you use LaceClips, you’re part of a team. Whether you’re a football fanatic or one of the pros, we push, challenge, and inspire one another to be the best we can be. Ahead of the Miami vs. Green Bay game, we played up the competitive spirit between two LaceClips athletes, Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Jones, to challenge fans to pick their side.

Can you catch Team Cheetah?  -

To get young athletes and future pros hyped about joining the LaceClips team, the campaign featured Tyreek Hill’s social channels to excite the Miami vs. Green Bay game, share his LC stats, and invite fans to join his team on the LaceClips app.

Lace up with Team Jones -

On Aaron Jones’ social channels, the campaign highlighted what it meant to be part of the LaceClips team and challenged young athletes to train with Team Aaron.

Stack up to the pros  -

Choose performance  -

On LaceClips social channels, we cut together a hero video featuring players and a challenge, challenging fans to choose their team and train their game and see how they stack up to pros with the LaceClips app.


Project: Lace Clips Social Campaign
Agency: Hijinx
Role: Creative Director
Art Director: Marissa Schmidt, Jack Johnson
Writer: Alyson Burke

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